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The JB-Lighting P18 MK2 Profile HC was convincing in all respects

Since the opening of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall on the brick base of former quayside warehouse A at Hamburg harbour, the technical team of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall has been intensively involved with the use of moving lights in the concert hall. Mike Neumann, foreman for event technology and technical project manager, has been present from the start and is responsible for lighting technology.

“We have these circumstances to thank for being able to compare a number of different devices from different manufacturers with one another over a period of 4 years”, says Mike Neumann. At the forefront of the considerations was the remit to be able to stage world and pop music as well as TV productions in addition to orchestras and operas, with just one light technology device.
Against this backdrop, a unit had to be selected which is as quiet as possible but with high output and comprehensive features. Besides this, the equipment should not be too heavy for day-to-day handling. “Furthermore, it was important that a new LED-powered light could be fully integrated into the existing halogen light in the stage area”, adds Matthias Baumgartner, who is also a foreman for event technology in the team of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

The JB-Lighting P18 MK2 Profile HC was convincing in all respects, with its:
  • High output and low power loss, especially at a wide zoom range
  • Bright reproduction, which is particularly visible in its sharpness and evenness when using gobos
  • Excellent lens quality compared to alternative products
  • Colour mixing and dimming behaviour which adapts uniformly and optimally to the halogen environment
  • Almost inaudible fan noise
  • And low weight
“We liked these factors a great deal four years ago with the P18 MK1. A good reason for choosing JB-Lighting was that, despite a clear increase in performance in the MK2 version, a further reduced noise level has been achieved with the same design. We found that small details had also been well thought-out with the development of the unit: an almost inaudible reset; this is otherwise not available in the market environment, and ultimately the integrated carry handles on the lightbars make them considerably easier to handle”, explains Mike Neumann.

Matthias Baumgartner is inspired by the incredible movement speed of the moving head: “passively cooled systems do not come anywhere near the pan/tilt speeds of the P18 MK2. The small dimensions here are of course a decisive factor. Besides the speed when changing position, the position accuracy is also guaranteed. All this and yet it is also virtually inaudible.”

The P18 MK2 thus bridges the gap between production requirements in the field of classical versus pop and rock events. In the opinion of the team of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the German support, with short supply paths and the corresponding production training, round off the package.

“As a result, it therefore made sense to choose the little brother of the P18 MK2, as its ideal complement for smaller venues, namely the P12”, added Mike and Matthias unanimously.

For this extension, the sales partner of JB-Lighting Lichtanlagen GmbH was PIK AG, based in Berlin.

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prolight + sound 2023
We look back on four truly great days filled with many products, great conversations, and lots of fun!
Audimax Regensburg has invested in sixteen P12 Profile
Audimax Regensburg, one of the leading event locations in the region, has invested sixteen P12 Profile HPs from JB-Lighting.
Wow, what a cool day!
We had a visit from our Dutch sales partner Podiumtechniek and 30 potential customers.
JB-Lighting is continuing to invest in the future!
Today marks the groundbreaking of our new warehouse, which will be built directly adjacent to our manufacturing hall
Ministry of Light
Impression of 35. International Jazzfestival Viersen
Aalto Theater Essen invests in 70 moving heads from JB-Lighting
Acceptance without defects was the motto again when installing the 70
50 pcs. P12 at fashionweek Berlin
Lightdesign: Henning Schletter
Peitsman Licht & Geluid has invested in the moving heads P9, P12 and P18
The products from JB-Lighting are of high quality, with proverbial German quality.
Light, fast, slim design
BASSTA Event Technologies invests in twelve P9 beamspots
Stadtcasino Basel invests in six P12 HP
For our concert halls we were looking for powerful and multifunctional moving lights, which not only have to be
WIRKUNG live further invests in moving lights from JB-Lighting
Summer 2022 is going to be hot: it is already clear that a high level of utilisation is to be expected. In order to be able
prolight + sound 2022
A successful prolight + sound is behind us! It was great to talk to you personally again, to present our new products and
JB-Lighting at the 2022 Werning Training Days – Infotainment at its best –
After a break of almost two years from trade fair operations, Werning Theatertechnik-Theaterbedarf GmbH once again extended
A FIRST – fournell showtechnik GmbH is the first to choose the P9
Holger Amann reacted very quickly when it was announced last year that the P9 is available.
Maurer Veranstaltungstechnik invests in 18 x P9 Beamspot
We have always been enthusiastic about the great products and the good contact with the JB team. Therefore, it was self-evident for
Neosolution choses 8 P9
“We had been looking for a multifunctional LED beamspot in the 300 W power category for a long time. When the P9 came out,
P18 at the Cologne Philharmonic
audiluma Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH used several P18 units to illuminate the concert
P9 at AvA Sound & Light
New P9 now also used in Switzerland at AvA Sound & Light
Debug starts the new year confidently
Investment in 8 x P9 Beamspots. Christopher Beermann (Geschäftsführer debug) sagt zur Investition in 8x P9 Beamspots
Small, compact Beamspot
The Aalt Stadhaus/Luxemburg invests in 12 P9. We chose the P9 because we were looking for a small, compact spot for our house
The Hannover State Theatre invests in 20 movingheads from JB-Lighting
The Hannover State Theatre was equipped with 8 Sparx 18, 2 Sparx 30, ...
Acceptance without defects of 123 Movingheads at the Hamburg State Opera
The Hamburg State Opera invests in 123...
24 P18 MK2 Wash inspire in the National Theatre of Iceland
The National Theatre of Iceland is a leading theatre institution in Iceland
An impressive weekend with many unforgettable concerts. On four stages in the shadow of disused blast furnaces
LEaT con X – a signal in the industry
In our opinion, it was a golden format and signal in the industry
Theater Hof invests again in JB-Lighting movingheads.
In use are: 10 x P12 Profile HP, 26 x P18 Profile HP, 12 x ...
The Volksoper Wien choses moving heads from JB-Lighting
Volksoper Wien invests in 45 P18 MK2 Profile HC
Price adjustment upon 01.08.2021
As you probably heard, we notice a strong rise of prices for raw materials and most notably for electronic components.
The JB-Lighting P18 MK2 Profile HC was convincing in all respects
Since the opening of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall on the brick base of former quayside warehouse A at Hamburg harbour
JB-Lighting P18 MK2
The optimal light color for every application! Whether Profile or Wash - both P18 MK2-models are now available in addition
TWINSISTERS GmbH extends its rental stock with an additional forty JB-Lighting P12 profiles
The young team in Heilbronn relies on LED spotlights from JB-Lighting once again.
82 P12 Profile in use at the world premiere of the new ID.4. GTX
...Youtube Video...
Music marathon
12 bands played for a good cause. From indie to rap to electro, hip hop or pop punk.
Stadttheater Gießen invests in P12 and P18
The Stadttheater Gießen offers a diverse repertoire with opera, musical an operetta, classical and modern drama, and modern dance theatre
An adventure with 18 P12 Profile HC and 12 P12 Wash HC.
Dutch National Opera & Ballet invests in LED stage lighting
On Friday February 26th our distributor Podiumtechniek B.V. signed a contract with Nationale Opera & Ballet for
P12 Spot HP at Mawell Resort
A unique hotel with extravagant illumination
Kultur Räume Gütersloh | Theater invests in 6 P12 HCRI
Thanks a lot Werning Theatertechnik Theaterbedarf GmbH for the great project.
De Doelen Rotterdam invests in 18 P12
De Doelen is a congress centre and concert building in one. The building houses one of the best
The Stadttheater Lippstadt choses moving heads from JB-Lighting
In the course of a general renovation, the Stadttheater Lippstadt invested in 10 P12 Profile HC and 4 P12 Wash HC
P12 for the Haarlem Theatre, NL
Podiumtechniek and Stadshouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem count on moving lights from JB-Lighting.
„Theatre is a place of enchantment“
From now on, 24 P12 Profile HP conjure up beautiful light in the Theatre Münster.
Sustainability award 2020
There were P12, P18 and Sparx 18 in action. Congratulations to the winners
Mainfrankentheater Würzburg invests in ten P12 HCRI
he play at the four-section theatre wants to relate old and new stories in a way that is touching and entertaining.
37 P12 Profile at AFAS theatre Leusden, Netherlands
37 P12 Profile now ensure an atmospheric ambiance in the AFAS theatre in Leusden (Netherlands)
Theater Hof invests in 58 movingheads of JB-Lighting
Located at the edge of the old town, visitors to Theater Hof can look forward to a varied programme with around twenty productions...
Dülken unplugged 2020
16 P12 Profile HP in use at the live concert in the St. Cornelius church in Dülken.
16 Sparx 18 at Lausitzfestival 2020
16 Sparx 18 at Lausitzfestival 2020
P7 in use at the Celebrations in the non-denominational free church
P7 in use at the Celebrations in the non-denominational free church
7 P12 Profile HC at Staatstheater Kassel
This involved illumination of the front of the stage that was as effective as possible. According to...
Patchworkstudio Köln
The idea behind the project (initiated by LD Tim Franken, quasar lighting design) was the consideration...
Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn invests in thirty-three P12 Profiles HC
As an establishment for temporary exhibitions, the “Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle...
JB-Lighting - Lightshow 2020/2021
Let yourself be inspired by our new light show in our showroom.
Den Jyske Opera invests in 24 P12 Profile HC + 24 P12 Wash HC
Den Jyske Opera / Danish National Opera is Denmark’s national touring opera company.
P12 Wash video out now
The P12 Wash with Fresnel lens is not only extremely bright, but also incredibly light, weighing only 23 kg
Åbo Svenska Teater, Finland renewed its lighting
„Many things spoke on behalf of JB-Lighting“, says Antti Niitemaa about the choice.
A passionate appeal to politicians to save the events industry
Ein flammender Appel an die Politik zur Rettung der Veranstaltungsbranche.
Festspielhaus Baden-Baden invests in P18 and Sparx 18
With its 2,500 seats, the Festival Hall Baden-Baden is one of the largest classical music venues in Europe
SAGA – World Tour 2020
8 P12 Spot HP were deployed at the SAGA – World Tour 2020 in Neuruppin.
JB-Lighting at Werning "Weiterbildungstage"
JB-Lighting at Werning "Weiterbildungstage"
Theater Lüneburg invests in Sparx 18
10 years ago the “Junge Bühne T.3” was opened in Lüneburg as another venue for Theater Lüneburg GmbH, thereby
P12 Profile, P7 and P4 at Goldbeck
At the beginning of September 2019, the traditional Bielefeld-based company Goldbeck celebrated its 50-year anniversary and
CUE 2020 Podiumtechniek
Michael Nothelfer supported our long-standing dealership in Netherland with Podiumtechniek at CUE in Rotterdam at the beginning of January.
MDS PAtec is delighted with 24pcs P12 Profile
Since investing in twenty-four P12 profiles in August 2019, the devices have been much in demand
P12 profile at television channel "Das Erste"
P12 profile - now also being used for productions for the German television channel "Das Erste"
Ostalb PA invests in the P12 profile
Ostalb PA | event technology is investing in the JB-Lighting P12.
P7 and P18 at Oktoberfest in Munich.
O’zapft is! – was to be heard once again at this year's Oktoberfest in Munich. Dora Showtechnik GmbH deployed P7 and P18
LiveTec GmbH invests in twenty-four P12 profiles.
LiveTec GmbH, based in Munich, is putting its trust in JB-Lighting and investing in twenty-four P12 profiles.
Höhnerbach Veranstaltungstechnik e.K. is investing in 16 P12 Profile
The company operates nationwide and has its headquarters in the Ruhr area. It places great
P18 Wash HC and P18 Profile HC at the Schauspielhaus Zurich.
Lighting department of the Schauspielhaus: "The Schauspielhaus Zurich is delighted to be working with moving heads
CONRAD Licht & Rigging Support GmbH have been won over by the P12 too
The Munich-based specialist in dry hire now also stocks the P12 profile from JB-Lighting
P12 now available at Gierss Veranstaltungstechnik
"Its brightness, compact design and low weight won us over in particular,"
J & C Veranstaltungstechnik invests in P12
The company J & C Veranstaltungstechnik has established itself as a recognised player in the rental business since
InnoWation Day Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology group
Once again, Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology group showed on Innovation Day what
The National Opera Amsterdam invests in P18 Profiles
Decisive reasons for selecting moving lights from JB-Lighting were the size and weight.
SWR Stuttgart once again decides upon moving heads from JB-Lighting
With its investment in twelve P12 High CRIs, SWR Stuttgart opts for our quality products again.
Michael Nothelfer supported our long-standing dealership in Finland with Audico Systems Oy at Audio Visual Expo in Helsinki
Ministry of Light invests in 16 P12s Profile HP
The company Ministry of Light was founded in 2003, and worked with JB-Lighting products for the first time in 2006.
ONE Events in Ulm ratiopharm arena
2.500 Guests P18, P7, Sparx 7, Sparx 18, A7
Stage Set Scenery 2019
Stage Set Scenery took place two weeks ago but is still very much top of memory.
Visit of the trade school of Wiesbaden
A longstanding tradition is the yearly visit of the trade school of Wiesbaden.
The Semperoper Dresden invests in 52 P18 Wash
The Semperoper, which is part of the Sächsischen Staatstheater, has opted for the P18 Wash.
P18 Wash and Sparx 18 at CGS DRY HIRE
P18 Wash and Sparx 18 now available at CGS DRY HIRE Naturally in high-quality Amptown Cases
Midnight Shopping at Metzingen
Midnight Shopping at Outletcity Metzingen. Koch lichteffekte provided perfect lighting for the otherwise pure white stores
Grönemeyer Arena Tour
10 Sparx 18s have caused something of a TUMULT in Stuttgart. Cue Design GmbH is deploying the washbeams effectively for the Arena tour.
SMT Assembly at JB-Lighting
We remain true to our principles, and we are putting our new SMT line into operation with immediate effect.
JTSE 2018 Paris
Michael Nothelfer supported our long-standing dealership in France with Varyance at JTSE Paris at the end of November.
Mercedes Benz is opening the most up-to-date commercial vehicle centre
50 x Sparx 7, 30 x P4 and 12 x P7 were deployed.
32 Sparx 7 and 16 Varyscan P7s at VOGUE Concept Store
The first VOGUE concept store has opened up at OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. Guests such as Cassandra Steen
InnoWation Day
Wilhelm & Willhalm
Once again, Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology group showed on Innovation Day what integrated event technology means.
“VIVID is a declaration of the love of life. Very consciously, even in these times.
12 P18 High CRIs at
SWR 3 New Pop Festival
12 Varyscan P18 High CRIs were deployed at the SWR3 New Pop Festival in mid-September.
Bayern 3 village festival
This was definitely the coolest party of the year: 80,000 BAYERN 3 spectators celebrated with Sunrise Avenue, Revolverheld, ...
The finest light design
Jazz Festival Viersen
Last weekend, it was upon us once again – time to clear the stage for jazz at Viersen Festival Hall!
20 Sparx 7 at theater Nordhausen
20 Sparx 7 at theater Nordhausen. Thanks to Werning Theatertechnik Theaterbedarf GmbH
Audico Live
We supported our long-standing dealership in Finland with our trade fair stand at Audico Live at the beginning of September. This was
Black Sea Festival 2018 in Georgia
The Black Sea Jazz Festival took place for the 11th time in mid-August in Georgia. Top-class artists made their way to
The Varyscan P18 rocks Ulm Theatre
Twelve Varyscan P18s, the very finest rock music and a love story that is electrifying. Ulm theatre impressed
65 Sparx 10 at Rock the Ring
For the fifth time in a row, Roni Huber has almost exclusively used wash lights from JB-Lighting for the well-known “Rock the Ring”
Since 1st of July Wesley Kuchta has been supporting us as purchasing manager. With his commercial education...
SmartLite invests in
Varyscan P7
“The highest level of customer satisfaction is the top priority for us.” – this is the guiding principle of SmartLite
17 years tradition
The yearly visit of the Friedrich-Ebert-School. Thank you Ansgar for the organisation of this trip.
Rent now!
Varyscan P18 at
CGS Licht- und Tontechnik
Wilhelm & Willhalm invests in the P18 from JB Lighting
From the beginning of June, 24 x Varyscan P18s are available for dry hire from the Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology group.
Werning in-house
trade fair
We received positive feedback on the Werning in-house trade fair from CEO Alexandra Werning: "The in-house trade
prolight + sound 2018
The #pls2018 is just a few days behind us now and we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the numerous visits
Bang Your Head
The finest light design
and top-class bands at
Bang Your Head 2017 in Balingen.
Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté celebrates its 20th anniversary
Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The lighting design...
"Grüezi!" (hello) and welcome
This was how it was this month at JB-Lighting. 40 guests from Switzerland - along with our dealership Eventprovider - visited us and gained
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